Sunday, January 07, 2007

Because why not put them up

My NFL playoff predictions. You'll just have to trust me about yesterday's.

Wild Card
Indianapolis 38, Kansas City 24
Larry Johnson rushes for 300 yards and 3 TDs. KC still loses.
Seattle 17, Dallas 13
Dallas is the trendy pick here, but as a Carolina fan I know not to discount the home-field advantage in Seattle.
New England 17, NY Jets 10
Welcome back to the playoffs, New England. Here's your complimentary divisional ticket.
NY Giants 21, Philadelphia 17
I have no good reason whatsoever to pick the limping Giants over the steamrolling Eagles. That's why I'm doing it, of course.

Chicago 19, NY Giants 6
Inconsistent quarterback + #1 defense > quarterback who threw a hissy fit to get traded away from the current AFC conference leader
New Orleans 27, Seattle 17
Accidentally picked this as NO-NYG before, but I don't really think Seattle would fare much better.
San Diego 35, New England 24
This is going to be a fantastic game. San Diego will be down like 14-27 in the third quarter and somehow come back.
Indianapolis 14, Baltimore 10
Baltimore has even less of a passing game than Kansas City does. Hopefully the Colts will be able to contain Jamal and friends a bit better.

NFC Championship
Chicago 19, New Orleans 10
I flipped a coin: heads, Chi 19 NO 10; tails, NO 10 Chi 3. I see those outcomes as equally probable. Heads it was.

AFC Championship
San Diego 31, Indianapolis 17
If my championship match somehow put the Jets against the Colts, I would be pencilling Chad Pennington in for the Super Bowl right now.

AFC-NFC World Championship Title Game XLI
San Diego 28, Chicago 6
Grossman chokes. That's about it.


At 2:28 AM, Anonymous Kevin said...

I totally respect your "Grossman chokes" angle, and I kind of have a feeling the Saints will make it happen two weeks sooner than you think. That said, even if the Bears win the NFC and Rex has the game of his life in the Super Bowl, the Chargers are still going to win.

At 2:29 AM, Anonymous kevin said...

Or rather, I guess I should replace "you think" with "your coin thinks." Heh, definitely skipped from your first-round predictions straight to your Super Bowl pick.

At 12:43 AM, Blogger Brice R. said...

Yeah; my predictions completely ignore the possibility of Lovie benching Grossman for... Griese's the backup there, right? I could cop out and say that the combined probabilities of Grossman having a good game and Grossman being benched are the same as the probability of Grossman having a bad game, but that implies I spent way more time thinking about this than I actually did.


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