Saturday, November 18, 2006

Not that I disagree with the sentiment...

...but didn't covers for The New Yorker used to be subtle?

While I'm on political news, it stands as a very strong testament to how much SpaceVision 2006 generally psyched me up when I didn't get immediately depressed upon getting home and reading this:

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Feingold rules out 2008 run for President

My parents read this from time to time, so I'm going to be prudent here and just say "dangit" a couple of hundred times. Russ (Sen, D-WI) is one of the last honest men in Washington, bound to serving his constituents and making sure that justice is served for our nation. He's not a rabid liberal (he voted against the assault-weapons ban and made a little bill with John McCain that you may have heard of. He's not even really a straight Democrat; he voted for John Ashcroft (first time around), John Roberts and for having impeachment hearings against Bill Clinton. He just does what's right... 'dangit'... and now he's not running in 2008.

Who the heck am I supposed to support now? Half the nation has a deep-seated hatred for Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner isn't running, John Kerry ran a terrible campaign in 2004 and I see no reason that he'll change, Barack Obama should stay in the Senate for a couple more terms and help clean up Congress, John Edwards probably wouldn't even win his home state, I can't tell Joe Biden and the other four or five Senators who'll run apart, and I still don't think Al Gore is going to run. Tom Vilsack looks nice demographically, but I have no clue about his actual political views, or even how he really speaks.


(Final political note: This sort of thing really raises my dander. Okay, now I'm done.)


At 1:49 AM, Anonymous  said...

"My parents read this from time to time, so I'm going to be prudent here and just say "dangit" a couple of hundred times."
-- Good, because heaven knows you need to work on controlling that gosh-darn filthy mouth of yours! ;-)

"This sort of thing really raises my dander"
-- Well, I'm not sure what your ah, "dander" is, and uh, whether "raising it" means you're um, excited...or depressed...

(Oh I'll just stop since your parents read this from time to time).

Really, I just wanted to drop in and say that I am absolutely psyched about the frequent updates! Best regularly updated website since

and I know best. O:-)

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous one of those aforementioned pesky parents! said...

well dangit brice, i know how much you love that guy!! sorry he let you down.

and if dangit is the worst i ever hear out of you, i raised you right boy!

(unlike that


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