Thursday, July 06, 2006


I'm going to try and have the pictures from the last post up by 4 or 5 in the morning (ET), and my next post up by, say, 10 AM. I'll update this post as applicable.

Oh! I know; in the meanwhile, my stat counter says that only 66% of you are using Firefox as your web browser right now. Unless you're on a Mac, I very, very highly suggest you go over to the "Get Firefox" link on the right and check it out.

[EDIT: Pictures should either be uploading or uploaded (have uploaded just fine, but apparently refuse to do so on anything but my honest-to-God laptop. I'll mess with it some more tomorrow); due to today's Kabuki play running longer than expected, I'll make another long post Saturday afternoon (early Saturday morning). Heck, I have Internet access on weekends now. I may even make two.]

[EDIT TWO: For some reason, I can't get any pictures on this computer to upload onto Blogger. I'll just put them up Monday. Update later tonight.]


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